The Snoring Queen

For almost 1000 years, The Billy Bears have been the invisible guardians and protectors of the Kings and Queens of the British Isles, from the time when the very first Billy Bear set paw on the British shore in 1066 as the standard ‘bearer’ for William the Conqueror at The Battle of Hastings. 

Did you read the story of how The Billy Bears came to the rescue of Elizabeth?  Go to our Billy Bears History page if you would like to find out, but in the meantime, would you like to join the THE BILLY BEAR HISTORY DETECTIVES and try to find the answers to these questions?

Elizabeth 1 discovered she was to be Queen on 17 November 1558.  She was the daughter of King Henry VIII, who had 6 wives, but can you find out which of his wives was her mother?

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Jane Seymour

Anne of Cleves

Katharine Howard

Catherine Parr

How many brothers and sisters did Elizabeth have and can you find out their names?


Did Elizabeth I ever marry?


Elzabeth was the first Queen of England to be crowned with that name, but can you find what her popular ‘nickname’ was?

Good Queen ?????

Can you find out the name of the monarch who succeeded Elizabeth in 1603?